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In the past two decades, Afghanistan has seen the involvement of numerous organizations. However, the Afghan LGBTIQ+ community remained marginalized without a dedicated organization to champion their rights.

The absence of protective legislations in the Afghan legal framework, combined with the media and NGOs' overlooking the dire circumstances faced by the LGBTIQ+ community, exacerbated their vulnerability.

With the fall of the Afghan government on August 15, 2021, to the Taliban, the situation worsened. The ensuing regime marked a sharp spike in violence against the LGBTIQ+ community. Heartbreaking reports poured in, narrating tales of persecution, torture, and execution of LGBTIQ+ individuals at the hands of the Taliban.

It became abundantly clear that an organization dedicated to supporting the Afghan LGBTIQ+ community was desperately needed. Recognizing this void, a coalition of passionate LGBTIQ+ rights activists came together to form the first-ever non-governmental organization dedicated to the cause: "Afghan LGBTIQ+". Our primary mission is to support Afghan LGBTIQ+ individuals, with a keen focus on those seeking refuge. Our dream is of an Afghanistan where every individual's rights are upheld, and where freedom and justice are universal realities.

Below, we take pride in introducing the dedicated members of our organization:

آرتمیس اکبری: بنیان گزار و مدیر سازمان



Artemis Akbary:

Co-Founder and Executive Director (All Pronouns)







Ali Arefi:

Co-Founder and Deputy Director (They/Them)




آرتمیس اکبری: بنیان گزار و مدیر سازمان



Mgr. Smidova:

Co-Founder and board member  (She/Her)



آرتمیس اکبری: بنیان گزار و مدیر سازمان



Iva Smidova:

Co-Founder and board member (She/Her)





Charbel Maydaa:

Senior Humanitarian Advocacy Advisor (They/ Them)






Aylar Rezaee:

Advocacy Officer



آرتمیس اکبری: بنیان گزار و مدیر سازمان


Muzhda Samadi:

Research Officer (She/Her)