Help Afghan LGBTQ people get out of hell


According to our research, Afghan LGBT people are in serious danger due to the Taliban's control of power. Many LGBT people were executed by the Taliban between 1996 and 2001. The Taliban are very violent with LGBTQ people. We received many messages that many people in the queer community have lost their homes due to the war and live on the streets without shelter. Many queer people do not have access to food, medicine and basic necessities.
Also, due to the increase in violence, many people are trying to leave Afghanistan but can not afford it.
We have prepared an account to collect your donations in collaboration with the Czech based nonprofit Minorities Organization. Your assistance will reach Afghans who had to flee Afghanistan to save their lives and those who have not yet been able to leave.
Your kind donations will be used to provide food and shelter or, if possible, to relocate them from Afghanistan to a safe country.

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