The Taliban Issued Four Orders of "Killing Under the Wall" on the Charge of Sodomy
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The Taliban Issued Four Orders of "Killing Under the Wall" on the Charge of Sodomy

04 May 2023

The deputy of the Taliban Supreme Court has announced that the Taliban courts across Afghanistan have sentenced 37 people to "stoning" and four people to "kill under the wall".

The Taliban court issues this sentence for "Adultery and Sodomy". According to Abdul- Malik Haqqani some of these orders have been implemented and some of them will be implemented soon.

While many countries are passing protective laws for LGBTQ people that decriminalize same-sex relationships, Afghanistan has witnessed an unprecedented setback in women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and human rights in general.

In July 2021, just before Afghanistan fell, one of the Taliban judges, Gul Rahim, told the German newspaper Bild: “We have two punishments for homosexuals: either stoning, or they have to stand behind a wall that will fall on their heads. The wall should be 2.5 to 3 meters high.” This is a method of punishment used by the Taliban when they were in power between 1996 and 2001.

Suleiman, another 19-year-old gay man, was flogged 80 times by the Taliban. In an interview with Ranginkamanو last year, he recounted his experience of how the Taliban searched his mobile phone at a checkpoint, going through his personal photos, and, after seeing signs of homosexuality, arrested him. The Taliban gave him 80 lashes on his back for the photos and another 80 lashes on the soles of his feet because he had a tattoo on his arm.

Afghan LGBT Organization (ALO) condemns these inhumane and barbaric sentences. We ask the international community to immediately take concrete and practical steps against the crimes of the Taliban.

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