In the Shadow of the Taliban: Untold Stories of LGBTIQ+ Persecution in Afghanistan

In the Shadow of the Taliban: Untold Stories of LGBTIQ+ Persecution in Afghanistan

12 Feb 2024

The situation of the LGBTIQ community in Afghanistan has been a concealed tragedy for decades. With the resurgence of the Taliban, their peril has only intensified, often evading international attention.This report strives to shed light on sixteen heart-wrenching testimonies of LGBTIQ Afghans who have reported sexual assaults at the hands of the Taliban.

Our primary objective is to amplify their stories, advocate for their rights, and hold the perpetrators accountable. We aim to inform international human rights bodies, governments, NGOs, and the international community about the horrific abuses faced by the LGBTIQ community in Afghanistan and to emphasize the urgent need for action.

The sixteen stories documented are drawn from various regions within Afghanistan, with the majority of the survivors currently seeking refuge in Europe or neighboring countries of Afghanistan. Their testimonies share chilling similarities, portraying a systematic pattern of abuse and degradation based on their sexual orientation,  gender identity, and gender expression.

The gravity of their narratives is not just limited to individual assaults; it also reflects a broader systemic suppression and violence by the Taliban against marginalized communities. This report underscores the psychological, social, and physical impacts of such assaults on the survivors, highlighting the deep scars, both visible and invisible, that they have left behind.

However, in the midst of this darkness, there's a glimmer of resilience. Many survivors, despite their traumatic experiences, are seeking justice, raising their voices, and hoping for a more inclusive future for Afghanistan.

As we unveil these harrowing accounts, we call upon the international community to recognize, condemn, and act against the human rights violations committed against the LGBTIQ community in Afghanistan. This report serves as both a testament to the indomitable spirit of the survivors and a clarion call for global solidarity and action.

We implore international organizations, governments, and individuals to rally together, ensuring that these stories are not just heard, but also acted upon. The time for acknowledgment is over; the time for action is now.

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