Gender Country Profile for Afghanistan: The Lack of Inclusivity for LBTQ Women

14 Jun 2024

The UN Women published a Gender Country Profile for Afghanistan that addresses several topics pertaining to gender inequality, including restricted access to education and healthcare, violence against women, and economic hardships. However, it fails to adequately address the unique requirements and circumstances of lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LBTQ) women. Although the report acknowledges violence against women, it fails to address the distinct types of violence and prejudice seen by LBTQ individuals. Furthermore, it lacks statistics and case studies pertaining to their specific experiences. The absence of inclusivity implies an inadequate representation of gender concerns in Afghanistan, disregarding the multifaceted nature of the demographic. In order to conduct a thorough analysis, it is essential to include the perspectives and experiences of all women, especially those who belong to marginalized gender identities.

Help Afghan LGBTQ people get out of hell